Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wordle, I love this tool!

Recently, I posted a survey on my Linkedin account (Q&A section) to collect some feedback to the following question "If you were offered Microsoft Office 2007 or OpenOffice.org 3.0, BOTH for free, which would you chose and for what reasons?". I was pretty much interested for what reasons people would or would not prefer OOo 3.0 over MSO 2007. The survey is closed now and I received 64 answers. The feedback is very interesting and valueable, as soon as I am through with the analysis, I will post the important things here.

However, so far I just tried to make some sense out of it and put it into Wordle. A very cool tool, I just love it. You can insert plain text, from a survey for instance, and this tool creates a nice word cloud of the input. Very useful if you want to see which words occur in the feedback and how often. So, without any further comments, here is the result!




Christoph Noack said...

Wow! That looks pretty cool. And I'm looking forward concerning your little survey...

< insane >
Maybe we can gather further feedback from users and re-structure the OpenOffice.org menu layout by using Wordle.
< /insane >


anjoschu said...

Yes! A tag cloud driven menu system is exactly what we need. *jumps out the window*

Seriously, I also can't wait to get a look at the survey's results.