Sunday, October 25, 2009

cappuccinOOo and more

The conference will start in a few days. It's high time to prepare for the stay - e.g. by consuming Italian style food and delicious coffee specialties. Today, I've added the second entry in my little series of "OOo logo interpretations": Two cappuccino and one espresso, per favore! :-)

Do you think I'm idling at the moment? If yes, then please consider to keep us running by submitting ideas to our workshop...

Up till now, nobody officially responded to our annoucement earlier this week. Maybe the reason is that we are question and issue free with regard to usability - which would be really great. But I really see the necessity for support when working with our software, trying extensions, reading websites, noticing user requests etc. Please, take that opportunity by either contacting us directly, or adding your ideas and questions to the wiki page.

I'm waiting for your input. Most presumably, I'll be awake for some more hours - I really had to consume the drinks mentioned above ;-)

We'll see us at the conference. I'm really much looking forward...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Commercial Break - Workshop "User Experience Done Live!"

Hi everyone,

the User Experience Team currently prepares a workshop - which requires your participation to make it a "real" workshop :-)

Are you a developer in the context of Great! Will you be attending the Conference 2009 in Orvieto, Italy? Even better!

You and everyone interested in User Experience (UX) design are invited to participate in this UX workshop.

Bring your questions which have impact on usability to be worked on "live" - supported by the members of the User Experience team. Together we will identify potential issues and develop promising interaction designs to even better satisfy your users' needs.

Something for you? Please read on in the Wiki.

We'll be glad if you join!