Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time Machine Reloaded - November 7th

Hi again,

the Conference is already, but when going 7 days back in time, we are still in Italy.

November 7th

Originally, some of us planned to reside some days longer in Orvieto and to eventually visit Rome by train. Some things changed after the announcement that there will be a strike by the railway employees. Jacqueline and André managed to get some rooms in Rome and to discuss the issue with our hotel. Fortunately, the hotel personnel was extremely kind and agreed to change our reservation. Thanks!!!

We moved on to Rome - and to my surprise - the neighborhood was extremely nice. As you will see on the picture, we saw a building with an orange tree (for everyone living in warmer regions, that is something special for us).

After dropping our baggage, we instantly moved towards the center of the city to visit some sights. Here is the well known Colosseum. I provide a picture without tourists - the amount of people there is a bit annoying ;-)

Besides the Colosseum, the whole site offers a lot to see. Due to the limited time - we wanted to continue our sightseeing tour by bus - we just had a brief look at the Roman Forum. Funnily, we've met Andreas who helped us to get some "inside" pictures. Mmh, the gate on the picture lets it look like a prison ...

As I already said, we continued the tour by bus and got of at special places. One example is the "St. Peter's Square" in the Vatican City.

As you can see, it is rather large. But that doesn't guarantee that you will only meet strangers - it seems that the people are just everywhere :-) That time, we met Rene who joined us...

Once inside, we decided to take the over 500 steps to enjoy the great view from the dome of the St. Peter's Basilica. Have a look at the shadow in the center of the picture - no, that's not my head ;-)


The building is absolutely impressive; outside and inside. Here just a brief look on the altar ...


Fast forward. We continued our bus tour until it gots dark ... and cold; as you may guess on the picture below. So we went back to our hotel and finally found a nice place to get our dinner. The very last evening with both Jacqueline and André. Somehow :-(

That's it. We will finish our journey tomorrow, after a short look inside the Colosseum.

Until then, please have a nice day!


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