Monday, February 2, 2009

What document templates do our users really need?

Stella, a colleague of mine, pointed me to statistical data about the usage of our OOo template repository. I had a look on those numbers and made a word clound using Wordle. The cloud shows for what document templates do our users search for in the search field of the OOo template repository:

I found the result quite interesting and we will consider this when creating new document templates for OOo.

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audun said...

What is lacking is an easy and intutive way to get more templates - a "Get more templates" button when you are choosing templates.

Frank Loehmann said...

OOo 3.1 offers a link to point to the template repository. Just call 'File - New - Templates and Documents' dialog. There you will find a link at the bottom.

Mohit said...

"The user is always right"

An easy and intuitive way is lacking. Maybe the link can be replaced by a shining, glowing button