Saturday, December 20, 2008 User Survey Data from 11-12/2008

I have uploaded the data from the User Survey. It includes 160981 responses from November 1 to December 18, 2008. 116313 are full responses and 44668 are not completely filled out responses. Survey language is English only.

Please find the Calc spreadsheet here:

We will have a deeper look at the data to get answers for our OOo personas next year.

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Jay said...


Just a "first impression" suggestion... I came to your site because I tried to send a word doc to my mother but she does not have word for her mac. I suggested OOo to her and told her I'd bring it with me when we visit over the holiday - to that end I googled Open office and came to the main site and discoverted quite a few links that were dated 2006. My suggestion is to prominently display news/links/etc.. with current dates; this will be comfort food for folks insecure about downloading/using tools like OpenOffice - me thinks :)...

I really appreciate all your efforts!! this is amazing to have such capable tools available to all.


Jay Banchero