Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Default Bullets for OOo 3.0 Writer - Update

I have adjusted the previously proposed new bullets behavior based on feedback I got so far:

We will use the following bullets for our default bullet list in Writer:
Level 1: 2022 (small bullet)
Level 2: 25E6 (small outlined bullet)
Level 3: 25AA (small square)
Optional via dialog only: [Level 4: 25AB (small outlined square)]

These symbols are used from the font assigned to the paragraph. If this font does not contain a bullet, the font substitution uses OpenSymbol font as fallback. Therefore these bullets will be added to the OpenSymbol font.

The 'Bullets' character style is still assigned to the bullets, but the style is initally empty. This allows the bullet to grow with the font size of the paragraph.

Please track issue 63395 for details about the implementation for OOo 3.0.

Thanks for the feedback!


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