Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let's do the Math

This time I'd like to point to something which is in early stage of development. The " Usage Feedback Extension" [1]

The Usage Feedback Extension is an extension that collects anonymous data about how is used. This information is used to better understand how people use

Our plan is to have this extension final on release date of 3.0.

As mentioned above, the data will be used to do some statics on the usage of For example: We can better figure out how frequently specific menu- and tool bar items are used. The collected data will help us to create a decision base for user interface changes. It allows us to decide better on defaults, or items displayed by default.

The anonymously collected data will be published in form of diagrams/tables on a page on

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.
Directly here, or on the discussion page of the Extension Specification.

There is momentary nothing to download, but this will change soon.

Stay tuned.



JZA said...

Maybe I should join this UX project. For the longest I've been trying to pull out a 'OOo support' extension.

The way I see it, we have so many services that we dont actively promote and end users are completely alineated of them.

Efforts have been done on the website but I think there are other venues.

Increasing the Help menu to include forms to sign up for mailing lists. And creating an extension thought for enterprise support of OOo is a good idea.

Having users open chat sessions within OOo to get solutions to their document could be something many organizations will find it useful.

There is a similar extension in firefox called samespace and does this but for different porpouses (group browsing).

Christian Jansen said...
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Christian Jansen said...

Hi Alexandro,
thanks for your feedback. I like your ideas regarding the Help menu.


PS: Joining the team is easy. Go to

Unknown said...

This dialogbox will be translated in others languages?